Klimapark 2469
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Mimisbrunnr is a climate research park located in Jotunheimen, Norway.

In the past few years, a number of international studies and scientific observations
have shown that the world is facing dramatic changes to existing climate patterns.

Visible signs of this development are the many archaeological finds being discovered in the mountains in Norway due to unusual glacier melting.Research on climate issues is a rapidly growing field, and the goal of Climate Park 2469 is to communicate new climate-historical knowledge to young and old. The climate park will be a site where visitors can physically sense and experience climate change and the relationship between nature and culture from a long-term perspective.

Climate Park 2469 is located in the alpine region around Galdhøpiggen (2469 metres).

The Park will bring new focus and understanding about global challenges to various groups, particularly youth.

Vision for Climate Park 2469:
To develop into a unique arena for research, presentations and value generation relating to climate change, cultural heritage and alpine nature in a long-term perspective.

Photo: Peder Istad
Agency: Siste Skrik Kommunikasjon

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